Glam Aroma

Tea Tree Skin Refining Toner

Rs. 499.00

DESCRIPTION: The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner is a gentle skin refining potion that helps balance the pH of the skin, maintain the skin’s barrier and prevent further breakouts. The toner is a blend of acne fighting ingredients that includes Green tea extract, Ginger root extract, witch hazel, Neem extracts, Tulsi and Rose petals.

INGREDIENTS: Green tea: Soothes inflammation, irritation and helps dry out active acne.Tea tree: Helps curb acne causing bacteria.Salicylic acid: Helps refine, treat and exfoliate the skin.Vitamin C: Helps heal and treat scars and blemishes.

BENEFITS: •Balances the pH of the skin.•Helps tone and refine the skin.•Helps curb Acne causing bacteria.•Helps dry out active acne.•Helps Improve the skin’s barrier.•Helps Heals blemishes.

DIRECTIONS: Spray onto freshly cleansed face. (Avoid contact with the eyes)After spritzing onto the face tap the toner into the skin with clean hands. Repeat atleast twice a day.

Made in India.