Glam Aroma

Rose Gold Facial Mist

Rs. 450.00

DESCRIPTION: A unique hybrid between Skincare + Makeup, the Glam Aroma Rose Gold Facial Mist is a skin soothing and skin toning facial mist infused with Real 24K Gold Flakes that helps tone the skin. A powerful toning mist that helps balance out your skin’s pH balance and maintains it healthy barrier! This blend helps toneand balance the skins pH level, helps with inflammation and soothes the skin,helps with curbing acne, helps minimise pores & prep and set makeup !The 24K Gold Flakes melt into the skin and prevent acne and soothe any active acne and inflammation.

INGREDIENTS: 24 Karat Gold Infused water. Witch Hazel: Helps tighten pores and balance the Ph level of skin, helps calm acne prone skin.Mulberry Root:Soothes Irritations and brightens skin tone.Lemon Peel: Rich inVitamin C lemon peels help brighten skin and also reduces blemishes.

BENEFITS: •Helps Tone The Skin.•Maintains the pHbalance of the skin.•Soothes and Calmsthe Skin.•Helps Curb Acne andtreats active acne.•SoothesInflammation.•Helps Reduce Scars& Brighten the face.•Makes the Skin Glowyand Radiant.•Preps the skin formakeup.•Helps Set theMakeup.•Refresh’s the skin and makeup.Specifications: Gold infused toning mist, refreshes skin.

DIRECTIONS TO USE: Spritz allover cleansed and dry Face after cleansing to tone and prep the skin. Can be Spritz-ed overmakeup to set the base. Use as a soothing mist to hydrate and tone the face throughout the day. Or spray directly onto to dry cleansed face and massage the gold flakes in and pat it into the skin.

Made in India.