Glam Aroma

Pumpkin Skin Renewal Scrub

Rs. 599.00

DESCRIPTION: Experience actual skin rejuvenation and transformation with the Pumpkin Skin Renewing Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. A combination of Physical non-abrasive exfoliant + peel that helps to slough off dead skin cells without being harsh and abrasive on the skin.This gentle yet effective scrub helps deep cleanse the skin of any impurities along with the exfoliation process.

INGREDIENTS: The unique blend of ingredients like; Pumpkin seed oil, rose-hip seed Oil, Avocado oil, helps tone the skin and maintain and rejuvenate itself by fastening the skin cycle. Along with brighten and lightening the skin this scrub also helps heal scars and also helps with skin discolouration due to hyperpigmentation

BENEFITS: •Gets rid of dead skin cells. •Gets rid of blackheads. •Prevents Whiteheads. •Improves skin texture. • Gentle on the skin. •Deep cleanses and mild exfoliation for softer skin. •Visibly Brighter skin. •Helps even out skintone. •Fastens Skin cycle. •Tones and heals the skin.

SPECIFICATIONS: A skin purifying mud mask.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing your face, take an adequate amount of the Pumpkin Skin Renewal Scrub and massage gently on damp skin. Apply a little pressure on areas with blackheads and white heads. Use Twice a week for best results. Finish by toning and applying a light moisturiser.

Made in India.