Glam Aroma

Pumpkin Skin-Renewal Facewash

Rs. 399.00

DESCRIPTION: The first step to Skin Renewal that helps with a skin transforming experience. A super Gentle yet very effective skin Reviving Facewash/Cleanser that doesn’t strip the natural oils from the skin. This face wash helps deep cleanse the skin of any dirt and debris collected on the skin and helps improve the overall health of the skin by also curbing acne/pimples/infection causing bacteria.

INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin extract: Helps renew and rejuvenate the skin.

BENEFITS: •Suitable for All skin-type.•Skin NourishingGentle Face cleanser.•Gently Deep cleansesthe skin.•Prevents Acne andfurther breakouts.•Helps with skindiscolouration.•Makes the Skin Glowyand Radiant.•Doesn’t strip offthe natural oils of the skin.•Brightens the skin.

SPECIFICATIONS: Cleanser for all skin types.

DIRECTIONS TO USE: Take an adequateamount of face wash onto clean and wet hands and lather it onto damp skin andgently massage for 30-45 seconds and wash off with water. For better resultscleanse your face with the Pumpkin Skin Renewal Face wash before beginning withyour morning and night routine twice a day.

Made in India.