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Razor Protective Cover - Black/ Dark Brown/ Tan

Rs. 649.00 Rs. 699.00

Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Travel/Protective Cover (Black/Dark Brown/Tan)

Description: The protective/ travel cover as part of a shaving kit holds itself without a lining and is soft & delicate on the razor inside. PROTECT YOUR SHAVING RAZOR and fingers at all times - no more cutting yourself by mistake while searching for the razor in your shave kit/ toiletry bag. MADE WITH GENUINE LEATHER. 

Benefits: Each piece has been hand crafted to symbolize the uniqueness and practicality of this cover and makes for a great conversation starter. Made for DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZORS (Only case included, not razors). Will fit the Gillette multi-cartridge razors. Comes with a brass button to SECURELY LOCK THE SAFETY RAZOR or SHAVING RAZOR.

Age: 18+ Years.

HOW TO USE: Slide the fastening button through the hole by pressing the edge of the hole with two fingers to lock your razor in securely. We recommend applying a thin layer of care cream or grease for untreated leather and gently polishing the case with a soft cloth.

Made in India.