Pink Woolf

Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor (Chrome/ Black Chrome)

Rs. 849.00 Rs. 1,800.00

Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor (Chrome/ Black Chrome)

Description: Open Comb OC 70 Safety Razor provides a medium cut shave that works well for new and experienced wet shaversIts open comb design is less aggressive on the skin allowing for better control during a shave.The safety razor is chrome plated that helps resist rust and is meant to sustain wet environment for several years.Safety razors are the perfect instrument to remove all shaving irritation, razor burns, and irritation as you only need one blade for a smooth shave.

Benefits: The safety razor is perfectly balanced for accurate, close shaving. The two-part razor head is compatible with all Double Edge Safety Razor Blades and includes a free 5 pack of blade.

For All Skin Types. 

Age: 18+ Years.

HOW TO USE: Drop a few droplets of warm water on top of the shaving soap and apply the moist shaving brush to the soap in repeated circular motion, this will coat the bristles well to spread evenly on your beard. While spreading, start generating lather and proceed with shaving.

Shelf Life: 36 Months.

Made in India.