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Night Miracle Vita Glow Serum

Rs. 938.00

Vita Glow Serum ~ 100% Natural | For Aged, fine lines, Dull, Pigmented Skin

DESCRIPTION: Vegan. The goodness of sea-buck-thorn and KumKumadi oil and Sesame oil are blended together that work its magic on your skin during the night hours to give you unclogged pores, tightened skin and reduced oil levels with wake of the first rays. Having excelling healing abilities, Chamomile, Nag Kesar, Daru Haldi and Bubchi are antioxidant rich and reduce breakouts and acts as a natural skin lightener. SPF 20

INGREDIENTS: Sea Buckthorn, Chamomile, Kumkumadi Oil, Mulethi, Sesame Oil, Nag Kesar, Daru Haldi, Babchi

For All Skin Types.

DIRECTIONS TO USE: Apply a few drops on a clean and dry face and massage until absorbed. Best results if applied daily before bed. Use daily.

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place.

Shelf Life: 18 Months.

Made in India.