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Eye Care! Do You?

Eye Care! Do You?

One might wonder why you need a separate cream for your eyes when you already have moisturiser for your face.

Here’s why!

The skin around the eyes is thiner, more fragile, more prone to dryness and quicker to show age and fatigue. Moreover the skin around the eyes gets a much greater workout. “Every time you move your eyes whether you squint, smile or widen them in surprise, you’re using the muscle around your eyes, this contributes to loss of collagen and elasticity.

The fragility of this area also explains why it’s the first part of your skin that starts showing signs of ageing. That’s why it’s important to give your eyes the love and affection that it deserves. And so incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine can help minimise the appearance of these wrinkles as well as tackle other concerns like dryness, puffiness,dark circles and pigmentation.

“The Best Time To Start Using An Eye Cream is Before You Think You Need One.”

Eye Gel is the New Eye Cream! 

Eye Gels are light weight yet provide powerful results. They are typically formulated with non-oily ingredients that are water base and are designed to combat puffiness and ageing. Eye gels don’t add volume to skin but instead produce cooling effect that is highly soothing.


Gels can reverse prominent signs of ageing and tiredness and can improve circulation in the eye area -an area that desperately needs it! 

They are also ideal for wearing during day time because they don’t weigh the delicate area down and are less likely to sweat off in the sunlight and they also wear beautifully underneath makeup because they settle into the skin quicker than creams, and don’t leave behind a greasy or oily finish.